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Using the patient and keen eye of our devoted team experts, we filter the best promotions, bonuses and free spins so you can get the best experience of our casino partners.

We employ our highly enthusiastic and dedicated reviewers and evaluators that involve our highly engaged community of users on our website that share their extensive experience with all of our partners, and a team of employed casino experts.

Our prime focus is the protection and security of your data, and support when dealing with online casinos. We partner with the best in the industry to offer you seamless enjoyment and satisfaction in the world of iGaming.

How do we rank Online Casino Sites

Best Online Casinos: Ranking Security Measures at CasinoFreespins24

The best online casinos? How do we determine that? Here at CasinoFreespin24, we recognize that, in the digital age, privacy and security are paramount. Without the worries about compromising your private information, you should be able to enjoy your favorite real money online casino games.

There are several things online casinos can do to protect your privacy and secure your information.

A security certificate is the first thing we expect from a secure online casino and today’s internet browsers make it easy to identify such security certificates.

Simply, it is shown as a padlock in front of the URL in your browser. The site has an up-to-date security certificate if the padlock shows a closed lock.

The URL itself is another way to identify sites with security certificates. The site is secure If it starts with HTTPS://, but if it starts with HTTP://, the site might not be safe.

To keep their security certificate safe, online casino sites have to use encryption as one of the security measures. And to ensure that outsiders cannot access it, security certificates must be established to hide your information.

Different levels of encryption exist. Online casino sites that include real money should have bank-level encryption because they process financial transactions.

A 256-bit advanced encryption standard is used in Bank-level encryption. The use of the 256 exponents creates encrypted combinations. Certain online casinos use 128-bit encryption.

Best Online Casinos: Evaluating The Privacy Policies?

When a company updates its privacy policy you already know what that email bombardment looks like. The emails you receive may be annoying and intrusive, especially when you get dozens of them simultaneously.

However, privacy policies can be essential to your security. Casinofreepsin24 always goes through the privacy policy when we analyze online casinos.

The information the site collects is described and explained in privacy policies, including personal information, how often you use the site, and your IP address.

Within this section, you will also find how the data they collected will be used. If the site tracks browsing data, will it use that information to send you targeted ads?

Best Online Casinos: Revising the Company’s Information 

The technical details that online casinos use to protect their customers are significantly important for us at CasinoFreespins24 because they can reveal a lot only by taking a closer look at the security measures the company takes for its customers. But it won’t reveal to us much about the company itself.

The company behind the casino is what we are looking for. This information includes details about who operates the casino, their reputation, and how they run their company.

Some of the most important questions we ask:

years of doing business?   |   top-level executives?   |   experience in the casino industry?   |   a gaming license?   |   licensing authority?   |   company’s reputation?   |   online forums (complaints from customers)?   |   scandals that the company has been involved with?   |   any history of rogue behavior or denying customer payments?   |   listed on any casino blacklists?   |   site(s) on which the casino operates?   |   any sister sites?   |   other companies they collaborate with?   |   their method of choosing software developers and other contractors?

The trustworthiness of the casino itself is revealed with the details of the company behind the casino.

Top online casino companies will go to great lengths to protect their customers and have a longstanding reputation for doing so.

Best Online Casinos: Ranking Casino Game Variety?

You are willing to gamble and play real money casino games, you are there to take your chances and relax to the excitement. Playing the same poker variation all day, every day is more than fun for some, however, most of us are looking for some variety.

The number of games would be the definition of variety in certain aspects. Nonetheless, CasinoFreespins 24 takes the variety to a whole new level here.

Firstly, a combination of slot machines is what we seek in online casinos, then table games and poker. These three categories are the casino basics.

Each category shall be additionally diversified with variations of the games in a way to be suitable for the possible users. Even though online slot games are virtually limitless, table games can sometimes be more restrictive.

For instance, there are only three main versions of roulette. Top established casinos will offer European, American, and French variations.

Blackjack variations are at least a dozen in total, so the blackjack collections of the casinos shall be more extensive and diversified. Other games are typically somewhere in between.

Online casinos can also offer live dealer formats when it comes to offering table game variations.

Even though they are more costly for the casino, live dealer games give a more authentic casino experience.

Because of the expense, some casino sites choose not to offer live dealer games, meaning fewer options for their players. These casinos will be ranked lower than the casinos that do offer them.

Best Online Casinos: Ranking the Online Casino Software Matters 

How the casino built its platform is what we closely investigate. Here at Casinofreespins 24, over the years of experience, we have concluded that working with multiple software developers is one of the best ways for online casinos to increase their game varieties.

Different casino software developers offer different game varieties. Different developers’ games will certainly have different bonus options, jackpot amounts, and different stakes.

For each developer, the games’ graphics and format will also vary.

Certain games from a particular developer may work better for a particular operating system. More games will work for more players when different software developers are used.

However, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many games a casino offers if they don’t have betting limits that work for you.

Low-stakes players are what most casino sites cater to. One penny per line would typically be the minimum bet on slot machines, and the minimums for table games are usually a dollar.

So in this environment, finding games that work for high-stakes players may be more challenging. Usually, between $2,500 and $5,000 are the maximum betting amounts.

You may need to contact the site’s customer service if you want to play for higher stakes. For as long as high-stakes players qualify the typical option is the removal of betting limits.

Some players are satisfied with this only, but it is even better to find an online casino with higher maximum bets from the outset.

Best Online Casinos: Defining and Ranking Online Casino’s RTPs? 

CasinoFreespins24 will give you details on the RTP as we gather up-to-date info from our partners and users. Let’s imagine one possible scenario where two online casinos have the same software developers, game varieties, and betting limits. What do you do? Before choosing which site to gamble on we recommend you consider the RTP.

RTP is abbreviated from Return to Player. The average stakes the casino will pay back to players over a long period expressed in a percentage is how we define RTP.

We can conclude that a casino game with 77% RTP is not as good as a game with 96% or 99% RTP.

Over thousands of hands is how RTP is calculated and averaged. Don’t get confused with this understanding in a way that you will receive a fixed percentage of your stakes back each time you play. It does not mean that.

During a gaming session, the short-term variance will determine how much or how little you win. An average of your anticipated return in the long term is what RTP is.

Based on different games, here are some examples of RTP percentages for online and land-based casinos.

Game Land-based RTP Online RTP
Slots 86%-90% 95%-99%
Blackjack 98%-99% 99%- 99.65%
Baccarat (Banker Bet) 90.54% 98.96%
European Roulette (Even Money Bets) 97.5% 98.66%


The point of all this? A good casino game collection is so much more than just the number of games the casinos offer.

Casinofrespins24’s main aim is to look for casino sites that use multiple software developers, offer live dealer games, and have high RTP percentages. Each point represents a key measure and factor affecting how we rank online casinos.

Best Online Casinos: Selecting And Filtering Online Casino Promotions?

Our dedicated online casino team of researchers at CasinoFreespins24, perfectly understands that promotions and bonuses can be a game-changer when selecting a casino. Collecting bonuses is one of the benefits of online casino gambling. Hotel discounts, and free dinners, as within the case of land-based casinos, are not possible with online casinos, so they offer bonuses instead to fight off their rivals and remain attractive to gamblers.

We highly consider the variety of bonus offers each casino has when we rank online casinos. Most online casinos have a welcome bonus, but we like casinos that have multiple options.

For instance, you don’t want to join an online casino that offers you all kinds of promotions when you first sign up, but then they don’t offer you any bonuses after that.

Slot machine players may get the most out of bonuses because many online casino bonuses are given mostly to this category. Free spins are the trend and are available for some games.

The playthrough requirement is lower for slot machines and higher for table games like blackjack and video poker when they offer bonus funds that can be used on any game.

To reach the playthrough requirements sometimes, blackjack players have to pay ten times as much as slot machine players.

Game Wagering Requirement Contribution
Slots/keno 100%
Video Poker and Blackjack 10%
Roulette and Baccarat 5%

Certainly, you might want to find a casino with better bonus terms if you are a table game player. A $150 bonus is less exciting when you have to wager $1,500 or more to earn it.

CasinoFreespins24 Filters Specific Casino Promotions

A casino’s bonus offer is worthless if you cannot use it on the games you want to play. Only slot players are offered bonuses in many of the casinos.

An example of this is let’s say that a casino might offer a free bet in their live dealer casino. And this offer do you no good if you don’t want to play live dealer games.

On the other hand, some online casinos offer bonuses for specific situations. If you use their mobile casino app, certain casinos might offer you a free bet or deposit bonus. looks for casinos that offer a large variety of new customer promotions and rank them higher than those that don’t. Since we have no idea exactly what you want, we prefer to look for the best in the industry.

We also prefer to look for regular new bonus offers when ranking casinos.

Different promotions and bonuses that go weekly or monthly would improve the user experience and make online casinos more exciting than casinos that always have the same limited options.

Casino Promotion Terms and Conditions – CainoFreespins24 Evaluation Method

The terms and conditions for bonus offers are also within the scope of inspection here at CasinoFreespins24, and we also take the time to analyze them closely. Even though a casino could offer massive bonuses, it may not be worth it if they have unreasonable conditions.

Until you meet bonus requirements online casinos can restrict your withdrawals. Many players don’t realize that and get angry when the casino refuses to process their withdrawal.

You want to be able to withdraw any winnings, especially if you are lucky enough to win big. What is sad but true here is that many online casinos won’t let you withdraw the winnings from bonus funds if you haven’t met the playthrough requirement.

You will easily find details about the bonus conditions within our casino reviews, including information about how they affect your withdrawal options.

Based on their overall promotional offers, we rank the Promotion Terms and Conditions section for online casinos, which is added to the sum and averaged to get the rank. Through our ratings, you will receive a tour of the bonus offers casinos include for various players, the playthrough requirements, and the terms and conditions.

How does CasinoFreespins24 Evaluate The Banking Opportunities Of the Best Online Casinos?

CasinoFreespins24 must consider closely the banking methods your online casino site uses, as it is one of the factors that gamblers often forget to think about in front but can change your opportunities and possibilities drastically in terms of online gambling.

For online casinos, financial transactions are incredibly complicated. Sadly but true, something that commonly becomes a practice for online casinos is that they pass fees onto customers, enforce limits on specific transactions, and take a long time to process payments.

Depending on your casino, different fees, limits, and processing times would exist.

You will need to think carefully about your banking methods and the terms and conditions that accompany them, especially if you enjoy playing slot machines or table games with progressive jackpots.

Look for and consider the maximum withdrawal limits. The highest one could be $3,000. But imagine you get to win $75,000 or $10 million. What do you do?

Many casino sites have specific rules about withdrawing jackpots however in most cases, your jackpot will instantly be credited to your account.

Instead of paying it all at once some casinos often force you to accept payments in installments over several months or years. In the worst-case scenario, you will not live sufficiently long to receive all of your winnings.

Paying out jackpots all at once is a practice that only a few online casinos have accepted.

To withdraw from a jackpot, there are rules about the withdrawal methods you must use.

Casinos want to avoid fees as much as possible, so they may force you to accept payments via direct deposit i.e large amounts of money at one time.

If you want to play progressive jackpot games, you will have to think through all of these factors

No-fee transactions or lump-sum payments for jackpots is the solution offered by some online casino sites. You can get faster processing times for a small fee from some casinos. When we rank online casinos we must consider everything that constitutes an online casino.

Best Online Casinos: Ranking the Compatibility and Mobile Gambling

If you can’t access a casino because of compatibility issues what is the point if everything else is perfect? So we must also inspect this feature and rank online casinos by their compatibility options to get the whole picture.

We look primarily at casino sites that work with various devices. Most online casinos are accessible from a computer, and it typically doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or Windows computer.

Especially for their poker rooms, some online casinos require you to download software.

Downloaded software can sometimes run faster, but it also takes up memory space on your computer. Your processing speed and computer performance can be affected negatively.

Instead of downloaded software, we generally prefer casinos that are accessible through the internet which among gamblers are well-known as no-download casinos.

Ranking Mobile Gambling Apps Of The Best Online Casinos

Enjoy your favorite casino games on the go with mobile gambling. Mobile-friendly casino options must be present in any competitive online casino.

Native apps that you can download are available only with a few online casinos. The downside with native apps is that they are compatible with only one operating system type.

Downloading a native app on your iPhone will not allow you to access that site on your Windows computer. And you might not be able to play all your favorite games here as native apps sometimes have a limited game selection.

Native apps only work for a small percentage of players. Most online casinos use mobile responsive websites instead.

You will be able to access your online casino account through an internet browser if the site is a Mobile responsive site. This responsive website automatically adjusts to fit the screen of the device you are on.

A mobile-responsive website can be accessed from any device that connects to the internet, so they work for almost any gambler. The same games you can enjoy on your computer are also available on the mobile version.

Regarding mobile gaming, our approach is to rank casinos based on the devices they are compatible with, the game selection available on different devices, and how many other devices will allow access to the site.

Ranking the Customer Support Of The Best Online Casinos

Customer support for an online casino is everyone’s hope that we will not need to contact the service. You may never need to use this feature If everything goes according to plan.

However, sometimes you do need it, and you want it to work well for you. Customer service should be efficient, easy to contact, and quick to respond.

For contacting customer support, Online casinos generally have three options available.

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Telephone

With certain online casinos, you will only get one way to contact them. That gets frustrating quickly, especially if they do not respond right away. We look for casino sites that offer two or three contact options.

In certain situations, telephone support is precious. When someone is talking you through,, it is much easier to solve specific problems.

Because we know how efficient it can be, we rank casinos with telephone support higher than casinos without it.

In the middle of the night, you have an issue with your account, so what do you do? Indeed, you will not want to wait until the following day to get answers from the customer support center.

Having at least one support option available 24/7 is a feature of most online casinos. Any chance available during business hours can not substitute live chat and telephone support available at any time and is far more valuable for instance.

CasinoFreespins24 Tests The Customer Support Response Quality and Times

casinofreespins24 Quick response are a must when using these services. What is the time needed to receive a response? Will you get an answer immediately, within 24 hours, a week, or a day?

The most common occurrence is that your initial response may not immediately solve your issue. So not only the time but the quality of response to solve your problem also matters,. It is precisely what we are evaluating from this service and include it in the overall average ranking of the casinos.

Very often, they may need more information from you, or they might require you to try a few solutions before finding one that works for you. This is certainly expected, but they should be able to solve your issue efficiently.

Casinofreespins24 takes the time to contact customer service and get first-hand experience with the abovementioned attributes. Support tickets are mostly used in the service, and, unfortunately, some online casinos haven’t responded to the support tickets we have initiated in any way.

Specifically in this domain, responding to every customer, no matter what shall be a must for any online casino. Casinofreespins24 doesn’t accept recommend sites that ignore their customers, which is why we test their customer service before we rank each site.

The bottom line is that, beyond just the games that they offer, many factors affect your online casino experience.

How we know that the casinos we recommend are the best casino sites available because we evaluate all of these core categories and factors that constitute an online casino and reach averaged rankings based on mathematical principles leaving out the biased approach.

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