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Mr. Green’s Live Cash Prizes: The Most Exciting Gambling Adventure

Welcome to CasinoFreespins24, where we bring you the most rewarding and exhilarating online casino promotions. Today, we introduce you to Mr. Green’s live cash prize extravaganza. With Mr. Green’s Extra Live Cash Prizes promotion, you can receive jaw-dropping rewards of up to €1,500,000! This fantastic promotion is split into 12 intense weeks stretching from February through May, with €360,000 in the monthly prize. Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to benefit from 84 Daily Cash Drops and 12 Blackjack Tournaments. 

General Promotional Terms Applicable to Mr. Green’s Live Cash Prizes

This promotion will run from 19:00 on the 7th of March until 18:59 on the 5th of April 2023 C.E(S)T. This is also known as the ‘Promotional Period’. This award-winning competition will assemble players from across multiple casino providers. To get a chance to win a part of the total €360,000 monthly prize pot, you must opt-in and play any participating games within the promotion period. All prizes amassed during this promotion will be issued as fixed cash amounts with no wagering requirements being applied. Regrettably, suppose a player account has been closed or becomes self-excluded. This can happen due to responsible gaming concerns before or during this promotion period. In that case, they will be automatically disqualified from further participation. This campaign will remain closed for them, even if they have already begun betting. The General Terms & Conditions apply.

Weekly Blackjack Tournament terms

Each Weekly Blackjack Tournament will last seven (7) days as specified. This is from Wednesday to Wednesday and occurs on exclusively predefined blackjack tables. Pragmatic Play deserves the right to change these qualifying tables every week. To participate in any of these tournaments or daily prize drops that make up the network promotion, players first opt-in from any joining games and place eligible stakes on any participating Weekly Blackjack Tournament tables/games. Participants will gain points based on two in-game Challenges: In-game wins and Consecutive rounds without any wins.. The distribution of rewards across all players will depend on their score within the network promotion final leaderboard by the conclusion of each Weekly Blackjack Tournament. 

How To Take Part in Mr. Green’s Live Cash Prizes?

You must place real money stakes first to participate in the Weekly Blackjack Tournament. Start with a minimum of €25 on any game (or whatever higher minimum stake is available on a particular game). The two Challenges that make up each Weekly Blackjack Tournament within this campaign include:

  • Challenge #1 In-game Wins
  • Challenge #2 – Consecutive Rounds without Any Wins

You can consider qualified for a win if you place Qualifying Bets and their total win divided by the total bet is greater than 1. For example, a player places €25 bet on any selected game. Leading to a €50 winning balance; 50/25=2 – greater than 1). Mathematically-minded folks know that brushing up on basic concepts like fractions, decimals, and percentages can come in handy across many aspects of life – starting 

with personal finance, cooking, and concluding with sports!

Final Thoughts

Suppose evaluating has always been your Achilles’ heel or it’s proving too tricky out of nowhere. In that case, We have assured our experts analyzed Mr. Green’s Live Cash Prizes with an unbiased and calculative approach. If you have not decided yet and want to get even more informed, you can read the full Mr. Green Casino Review and make a completely informed decision. If you want to try your luck directly, you must open an account at Mr. Green Casino to qualify for this fantastic Live Cash Prizes offer.

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